Building Process

Initial Planning Stage

To begin the process, complete an online enquiry form. We will then contact you and arrange an appointment to discuss your ideas and plans, also taking enough measurements and recording information so we can provide an estimate or quote.

We do the calculations and get back to you with a labour/material costs for the proposed scope of works. This quote will provide pricing for construction and some details, but as we haven’t discussed and decided on all finishes the price is not yet final and complete. If you are happy with the quote as it stands we move on to the final planning stage.

Final Planning Stage

Another appointment is now arranged to confirm details and to ensure that accurate drafts can be made. At this point we also narrow down finishes and selections to detail.

We now organise a DA with your local council or alternatively CDC with our private certifying authority. Once all documents are received, any conditions or changes made by these authorities can now be amended in the quote. We will now provide a complete and final price for works to be carried out.

We talk through the quote, sign a contract and a deposit is taken to lock in a date to carry out your Project. A warranty document and Construction Certificate is supplied before any work commences. We are now ready carry out your project.

Construction Stage

Work commences and we keep you informed throughout the project on progress, schedules and any decisions that need to be made. All payments are transferred at the completion of the construction stages outlined in the contract.

Hand Over

Before hand over, we walk through the project with you to make sure you are happy with the results. We then hand over the documents and you are now ready to move into your brand new attic conversion/home addition.

Contact us to begin the process!