Attic Ladders and Stairs

Curved metal staircase leading up to attic


Access to the Attic

Attic ladders are the most economical means of gaining access to your attic or loft storage area. If your roof space will be a storage area, then an attic ladder could be the perfect solution. These custom built ladders are more comfortable to travel up and down than ordinary rung ladders, thanks to the combination of wider steps and other unique and well thought out design features.

One key benefit of an attic ladder is the very limited amount of space it takes up – just a fraction of that which would be required to build a complete staircase.

If, however, the renovated area is deemed “habitable” (i.e. people will be living in it) and approved by the council, then attic ladders are not permitted to be used, and you’ll need a proper staircase.

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Fold down attic ladder