Sydney’s Attic Conversions Specialists

Sydney’s Attic Conversions Specialists

Mr Attic is a specialist Attic Conversions company that is based in Sydney. We service Sydney’s inner-west and south-western suburbs, as well as the southern highlands area.

Attic conversions have become an increasingly popular way of building great new spaces due to their short construction time and relatively low cost.  Our services include attic conversions/renovations, roof conversions, and creating habitable attic rooms. Attic conversions is a niche market which we have specialised in. We have experience in creating all kinds of attics from simple storage attics to extensive attic conversions involving roof lifts, dormer windows and en-suites/bathrooms. These include a DA process with drafts and engineering reports.

Attic conversion to bedroom with desk under Velux SkylightLiveable Attic Rooms

Imagine a completely new bedroom or living room right there in the home you love, without the cost of constructing a whole new storey! Mr Attic is a master at design and construction and delivers a habitable attic that you never dreamed possible.

Attic conversions create inviting living and entertainment spaces in your existing home. Our velux windows or dormer windows ensure that as much natural light as possible is let in, with several following the roof line. The attic becomes a really stylish room which will attract your family and friends. There are many reasons for home owners dreaming of just one extra bedroom. Contact us today to discuss an achievable and affordable solultion.

Huge Storage Potential

Far too many home owners waste precious living space to store items that are hardly ever used, while the deserted attic lies vacant, collecting dust from years of neglect. Little do they realise that a storage solution lies literally right above their heads. Mr Attic transforms the dark and dingy attic into a clean and bright storage space for all your unused household items.

Add Value to Your Home

We have seen time and again that building an attic room or converting your attic into a living space becomes an astute investment, rather than a dire expense. In most cases the attic conversion increases equity and resale value on your home far above the costs involved in construction.

“Attic conversions is a niche market which we have specialised in…”
View of Sydney Harbour Bridge and city skyline from attic. Construction stage.Invest in New Living Spaces

At Mr Attic we listen and take into account your personal needs and ideas whilst helping you design attics that will benefit you both in the short term and long term. We endeavor to provide you with an enjoyable new living space which has the best resale value. With experience in constructions and design we can guide you through possibilities and correct construction methods.

Expert Advice and Highly Skilled Team

Mr Attic can assist you by giving you advice on the type of windows, fixtures and lighting that will be going into your new space. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your attic conversion becomes with the right window, lighting and even cupboard or shelving. You will find yourself constantly drawn to this new space.

With Mr Attic, you can be confident that your Sydney attic conversion is being carried out by a qualified and highly skilled team. We carry out our work quickly and efficiently with minimum disturbance and inconvenience to you. Mr Attic is keen to help you realise your dream of having a better home by utilising all that is available to reach your home’s full potential.

“…Mr Attic is keen to help you realise your dream of having a better home…”